…there’s a new BAGEL in town!


Ghostlight Coffee has added a delicious line-up of bagels, handmade in Greenville, OH!  

Ozro & Ray’s Bagels joins our menu alongside other handcrafted & artisan products, such as Deeper Roots Coffee, Jo Snow Syrups, and Thistle Confections.

The good folks at Ozro & Ray’s grabbed our attention with flavors such as Apple Bourbon Bacon, Spicy Fig & Carrot, Pumpkin Coconut and Asiago Herb.  We tried one (or two or three) and were HOOKED!  Pair a tasty bagel with an adventurous handmade spread…and you have a breakfast to make all your co-workers jealous!


This week’s bagels


  • Everything | Salt | Spicy Fig & Carrot | Pumpkin Coconut | Spelt (Whole Wheat)


  • Apple Bourbon Bacon | Spicy Fig & Carrot | Pumpkin, Coconut & Walnut | Everything | Blueberry | Cranberry Apricot | Asiago Herb

All of Ozro & Ray’s Bagels are Vegan, unless they have an non-vegan ingredient in the title…like ‘bacon’ or ‘asiago.’

This week’s Spreads:

  • Dirty South Butter* | Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese | Cranberry Citrus Cream Cheese | Blueberry Lemon Cream Cheese | Brown Butter Walnut | Hummus | Justin’s Nut Butters (Chocolate Hazelnut & Honey Peanut Butter) | Philadelphia Cream Cheese

* Dirty South Butter:  handmade cream cheese + organic brown butter + bacon drippings + sorghum syrup + organic sugar + buttermilk + yum.


Ghostlight is committed to finding delicious treats for everyone…that’s why we were so excited to discover the Vegan Twinky’s by Harvest Moon Bakery in Xenia!  These aren’t your momma’s twinkies…no.  Sure they make traditional twinky’s…but they also have things like Chocolate Stout Twinky’s and Lemon Lavender Twinky’s! Yes.

This week’s Twinky Flavors:

  • Yellow Spring Brewery Saison | Yellow Springs Brewery Chocolate Stout | Traditional | Gingerbread | Strawberry Lemonaid

On the go a lot and want to handy, delicious snack or breakfast item to keep on hand?  Next week we will begin selling Thistle Confections’ outstanding GRANOLA by the bag!  Swing by early in the week & pick  up a bag to keep in your cabinet, your cubicle, your glove compartment….wherever it’s handy for that quick snack you need.  All natural.  All yummy.



As always, we are proud to be Dayton’s place to pick up Deeper Roots Coffee!  This Cincinnati-based artisan roastery has mastered their craft in just a couple of years… recently one of their coffees was listed in the Top 10 coffees for 2013 by the Roaster’s Guild of America.  

We can prepare a cup of their fine coffees for you by hand on a Chemex, Hario or French Press. You can also pick up a bag to take home.  We offer each of their whole bean coffees in a 12oz. bag – or we can grind it for you.  

Want to start brewing it by hand at home?  We can get you set up with a home Hario or Chemex kit and some simple instructions to get you started.  See a barista for help choosing your method!Image





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