Bean To Bar Chocolate

Ghostlight Coffee now has some really spectacular single origin & specialty blended artisan chocolates!  Perfect for a special treat or a gift for someone you love.

Chocolatier:  MAVERICK CHOCOLATE – a family owned bean to bar craft chocolate company in Cincinnati, Ohio.

    • SINGLE ORIGIN BARS. Morropan Peru 63%, Tumbes 82%, Belize 70%, Dominican Republic 70%
    • FAHRENHEIT 513 BARS. A Good Food Award Winning Bar.  Tumbes 70% + Chilis & Spices
    • PROHIBITION MILK CHOCOLATE BARS. International Chocolate Awards Silver Medalist Bar.  Milk Chocolate + real Kentucky Bourbon + Smoked Sea Salt.
    • ESPRESSO DARK CHOCOLATE BARS. Tumbes & Dominican Chocolates + Espresso Coffee Beans from Deeper Roots Coffee
    • DARK MILK CHOCOLATE BARS. Dominican Cacao + whole milk powder + Madagascar Vanilla.

Chocolatier:  ASKINOSIE CHOCOLATE – direct trade chocolates, perfected in Springfield, MO.


Chocolatier:  DICK TAYLOR CHOCOLATES – small batch bean to bar chocolate makers in Arcata, Calif.

  • 72% BELIZE, Toledo. Flavor Notes: Jasmine and Hibiscus on top of a dried fruit flavor profile. Good Foods Award 2014.
  • FLEUR DE SEL.  Hand harvested sea salt graces the back of a 74% Dominican Republic (Flavor Notes: Dark and robust with notes of grapefruit, pipe tobacco and raisins.



One response to Bean To Bar Chocolate

  1. Karren M. Karrens Koffee Mittleider

    Looking for a Killer chocolate coffee roast, can you guys help? If so please email me. Thanks KM

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